“Scarf project” update!


This project is going full swing! (Click here for more info.) We have an instructor who has organized meetups at a local coffee shop on a weekly basis to teach those who want to learn to crochet or knit.


And Terri, a lovely woman I met through this project, has majorly stepped up and utilized her organizational skills and beautiful home has hosted our first evening meetup at her house.

We sorted through yarn donations and shared patterns and knitting needles, and some laughs. Some of these yarns were so lovely, we were drooling! They are the type that you want to buy, but just don’t have any need for them since you’ve already got more yarn than projects to do…well now we are able to enjoy working with some really fun and beautiful yarn, and give the items away for someone else in need to enjoy as well. It’s a win-win.


Donations of finished products and yarn are rolling in, but because we are up to 47 people involved in the project, we can always use more!


First batch of donations from about a month ago!


This is me (coming in from the pouring rain- hence the drowned rat look!) into my friends shop, which is a local drop-off point for donations.


More donations, as modeled by my guest room day bed. Excuse the awful lighting…


Earwarmer headbands! These took me about an hour each and are great when you only have a small ball of yarn in one color.


My mom made all of these colorful scarves! I donated some of them to a local group of families who lost everything they owned the day before Thanksgiving when their apartment building burned down. The more “manly” colored ones will go to Vets at the VA- though there are women vets here as well, there are definitely more men seen in these parts.

If you are interested in participating, please drop me a line at jwilsnack@gmail.com or jaime.wilsnack@va.gov  

I’ve even had friends from across the country mail me a box of yarn they had lying around the house to use for this project- that’s welcome too! We prefer worsted weight, since it’s thicker and easier to care for, but really, we will take what we can get and put it to good use. At our meetup, we had fun matching up odd single balls of yarn for use in striped scarves.

I’m planning on making a big donation to the VA right before Christmas. Since it’s such a huge medical center, I’ve identified a few departments that will receive the donations: the Homeless Program, the Women’s Program, Renal (since many of them have to travel to the hospital several days a week for dialysis treatment) and of course, MIRECC patients, which is my department (Mental Illness, Research and Clinic Care.)

It’s truly touched my heart to see people coming together, donating, and being enthusiastic about this project. My supervisor, a psychiatrist who has been here for 15 years, really thinks handmade items made with care and love like this will be touching to our patients who have a lot on their plates. Sometimes “little” things can be huge.




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