Adventures in jewelry making

I’ve been meaning to write a post for ages!

I’ve been doing crafts since I was allowed to use safety scissors. Over the years, I’ve come to various levels of mastery in crocheting, drawing/painting, refinishing furniture, mosaic art, costume making, all kinds of sewing, tailoring, soap and bath/body product making, candle making, scrapbooking, cross stitch, computerized graphics, candy making and baking, making my own cleaning products, DIY home decor, ok I’ll stop now. I’ve always enjoyed making jewelry (wire-wrapped seaglass jewelry were my Christmas presents to my friends in 7th grade, you’re welcome ladies!). But I’ve been majorly bitten by the bug…

While shopping and sourcing vintage finds for my Etsy shop, I came across great jewelry that might be broken or unwearable, but had great elements that I was convinced I could remake into jewelry. In addition to that, I was inspired by a movement called Project Semicolon, which seeks to provide support and reduce stigma to those who live with mental illness. I was inspired to make necklaces featuring positive messages and vintage elements, and so these became my first Etsy sales.


Then I got into soldering. Aka playing with molten metal. I’ve only sustained 3 small 2nd degree burns from my experiments, and I’m pretty thrilled how things are turning out. I’ve used vintage lace, vintage hankies and fabric scraps (most of which I got from some amazing church rummage sales, and soldered them in between glass.

IMG_8457 IMG_8459

The results are promising…



I’m loving how this first batch turned out, and have honed my skills enough to make them good enough to sell. They’ll be in my Etsy shop soon and in a local boutique where I live in Westchester County, just outside of NYC, shortly!

In addition, I’ve come across from beautiful antique/vintage chandelier crystals at a local antique shop, and will be combining these with other vintage elements to make some gorgeous jewelry soon.


I’m also in love with resin, which is a serious pain to work with, but comes out shiny and icy-clear when done right. That’s what I used for the inspirational pendants, some vintage sheet music from an old Barber of Seville conductors book…



…and and some fabulous scraps of Liberty of London print fabric and washi paper that I picked up on a trip to Japan in 2007.


I’m really excited for this new venture and it makes me so happy to connect with others over handcrafted items that I’ve made.

xo Jaime


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